Cassava Processing

MEIPL provide assistance in scientific development of Cassava from Cultivation and Plantation to Processing of Cassava. We undertake turnkey projects in the field of cassava processing including design, engineering, equipment supply, supervision of erection, commissioning and on-site training of buyer’s personnel to transform Cassava into:

  • Cassava Flour
  • Cassava Chips
  • Gari/ Tapioca
  • Cassava Starch
  • Liquid Glucose Processing
  • Malto-dextrine Powder Processing etc.

We offer following range of equipment and complete plant:

  • Cassava farm Mechanization
  • Peeling Washing and Chipping
  • Drying to produce cassava chips
  • Grinding, Palletizing and Sifting to make Cassava Flour
  • Grating, Fermenting, Pressing, Defirbating, Crumbling and Cooking to produce Gari.
  • Extraction, Separation and Dehumidifying for Starch production.

The above projects and equipment are tailor made; designed and supplied to meet the specific requirement of the customers. The Projects are offered from small, medium to large scale either with semi or full automation with PLC/ Scada controls.

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