Fruits & Vegetables Processing

MEIPL undertakes projects for fruits & vegetables processing on turnkey basis undertaking design, engineering, equipment supply, supervision of erection, commissioning and on-site training. The projects offered are for small, medium and large capacity, semi automatic and fully automatic with emphasis on latest trends in technology. The technology offered is user friendly, easy to run and maintain.

These include:

  • Tomato Processing to produce Ketchup, Puree and Paste
  • Fruit Processing for Orange, Mango, Pears, Grapes, Lemon etc. to produce Ready to Drink Juices, Concentrates, Pulp/Paste, Jam
  • Pineapple and Guava processing to produce Ready to Drink Juice, Concentrates, Pulp/Paste, Jam and Slices
  • Dehydrated Fruit Juice Powder Plant
  • Coconut processing to produce Coconut Milk, Coconut Milk Powder, Ready to Drink Coconut Water
  • Green Vegetables processing and dehydration for Onions, Cauliflower, Ginger, Cabbage, Potatoes, etc.

We offer a range of consumer and bulk packing solutions for the above end products:

  • Glass/Plastic Bottle Packing
  • Plastic Can Packing
  • Tin Can Packing
  • Tetra Packing
  • Aseptic Packing
  • Vacuum Packing for dehydrated fruits and vegetables.

Other processing plants include:

  • Bread & Bakery Plants to Produce Breads, Buns, Biscuits, Cookies, etc.
  • Soya Milk Processing Plant and Machinery.
  • Potato Chips & Wafers Plants.
  • Confectionary Plants.
  • Honey Processing Plants etc.

The above projects and equipment are tailor made; designed and supplied to meet the specific requirement of the customers. The Projects are offered from small, medium to large scale either with semi or full automation with PLC/ Scada controls.

For further details, please contact us.