Textile Machinery & Garment Manufacturing

MEIPL offers a diverse range of Textile and Garments Manufacturing plant and equipment on turnkey basis with necessary training to the client's personnel.


  • Cotton Ginning Plant
  • Spinning Machinery
  • Weaving Machinery


  • Complete Machinery for Readymade Cloth/Garment Manufacturing.
  • A Range of Home Sewing Machines
  • Industrial Sewing Machines
  • Industrial/Home Embroidery Machines.
  • Industrial/Workshop Cloth Cutting Machines.
  • Jeans and Tough/Thick Garment Handling and Stitching Machines.
  • Commercial Irons
  • Industrial Tapes, Scissors and Other Accessories for Garment Manufacturing Unit.
  • T- shirt / Baby Dress, Men's Wear, Jeans, Women's Dress Manufacturing Machines / Unit.

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