Trauma Kits

We offer a range of First Aid and Medical Trauma kits for Emergency, First Aid and long-term field survival use.

The standardized kits contain a balanced assortment of medical supplies and equipment for the purpose intended and gears you to manage the Medical Emergencies. Larger Trauma kits also come with a portable Oxygen Cylinder and Ventilator empowering you to effectively handle critical field emergencies.

A partial list of our standardized kits is furnished here under:

  • First Aid Trauma Responder Kit
  • Ground Ambulance Kit
  • Surgical Kit
  • Sick Call Kit
  • Field Trauma Kit
  • Emergency Burn Kit
  • Delivery Kit
  • Athletic Medical Kit
  • Multipurpose Medical Kit
  • Portable Hospital Kit
  • Trauma kit with OB Kit
  • Trauma Kit with Cold Packs
  • Carry All Kit

Besides these kits we also offer customized kits as per client requirements.

For further details, please contact us.