Workshop Machinery

MEIPL has key focus on providing total solutions from concept to commissioning stage to establish any type of engineering workshops, especially the followings:

Automobile Workshops

Supply of all types of tools and equipment for repair, maintenance and testing of automobiles such as:

  • Test Benches for Injectors, Nozzles & Fuel Injector Pumps, Gauges, Tools, Testers and Testing Rigs
  • Ultrasonic Nozzle Cleaners & MPFI Testers and Cleaners
  • Hydraulic Lift with arm attachment
  • Wheel balancer, Aligners, Tyre Changers & Electronic Inflators
  • Paint Booths
  • Washing Booths
  • Battery testers, Chargers, Electric, Electronic, Mechanical & Power Tool Kits

Carpentry Workshop

Supply of all Carpentry Machines, Tools and Equipments such as:

  • Combi-planner (All in one machines with 8 different functions)
  • Universal Wood Working Machine and Wood Working Lathes
  • Surface Planner and Thickness Planner Machines
  • Band Saw, Circular Saw, Jig Saw, Chisel Mortiser, Moulding Machines and Other Wood Working Machines
  • Wood Working Hand Tools and Power Tools

Mechanical & Metal Working Workshop

Supply of all Machine Tools, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Machines, CNC Machines, Machining Center, Special Purpose Machines and Jigs and Fixtures. These include:

  • Lathe, Shaping, Milling, Grinding and Drilling Machines (All Sizes)
  • Planning Machines and Plano Millers and Special Purpose Machines
  • Radial Drilling Machines, Hydraulic and Mechanical Presses
  • Shearing Machines and Bending Machines
  • Threading Machines, Bench Vices and Other workshop Machines, Hand tools & Power tools

Welding Workshop

Supply of all types of Welding Machines, Equipments and Consumables. This includes:

  • Welding Transformers and Rectifiers
  • MIG-MAG Welding Machines, TIG Welding Machines
  • Submerged Arc Welding Machines
  • Diesel Engine Driven Mobile Welding Machines
  • Plasma Cutting Machines, Cutting and Welding Sets
  • Resistance Welding Machines, Spot Welding, Seam Welding
  • Welding Consumables, Special Welding Electrodes and Flux

Inspection and Testing Workshop

Supply of all types of Testing Machines, Equipments, Gauges, and Measuring Tools, Non-destructive Testing Machines. These include:

  • Universal Testing Machines(UTM)
  • Tensile and Compression Testing Machines
  • Hardness Testing Machines, Balancing Machines
  • X-Ray / Radiography / Ultrasonic Testing Machines
  • All type of Gauges, Measuring Tools, Tachometers, Multi-meters, Clamp-on Meters, Analogue Meter, Flow Meters

Leather Working Workshop

Supply of all Leather Working Machines, Equipment and Tools. These include:

  • Leather Skiving Machines and Stitching Machines,
  • Strip Cutting Machines, Edge Inking Machines and Stamping Machines for Embossing
  • Folding Machines and Press for Heel and Sole
  • Work Tables and Other Leather Working Tools and Equipments

Repair and Maintenance Workshop

Supply of all Machines, Equipment and Tools for Repair and Maintenance of Automobile, Pumps, Motors, and Transformers. These include:

  • All Machine Tools, Balancing Machines
  • Motor Winding Machines
  • Transformer De-hydration Units
  • Pumps and Meter Test Bench
  • Material Handling Equipments
  • Electrically Operated Cranes, Chain and Pulley Blocks
  • All Inspection and Measuring Tools

Mobile Workshops

We Supply Customized Mobile Workshops for following Applications:

  • Mobile Automobile Workshop
  • Mobile Electrical Workshop
  • Mobile Hospital Van
  • Mobile Library Van

For further details, please contact us.