We undertake turnkey projects in the Fisheries sector including design, engineering, equipment supply, supervision of erection and commissioning and on-site training of Buyer’s personnel. A partial list of projects offered in this segment are as under:

  • Fishing Equipment & Projects
    • Supply of Fishing Nets
    • Supply of Fishing Floats
    • Supply of Fishing Boats
    • Manufacture of Fishing Boats
  • Fish Cold Storage Plant
  • Ice Manufacturing
  • Fish Storage and Transportation Equipment
  • Fish Processing and Packaging
  • Fish Feed Plant
  • Fish Meal Plant
  • Fish Farming
    • Design and Construction of Ponds
    • Supply of Aquaculture Equipment
    • Fish Egg Production

The above projects and equipment are tailor made; designed and supplied to meet the specific requirement of the customers. The Projects are offered from small, medium to large scale either with semi or full automation with PLC/ Scada controls.

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